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What are the dates for the Spring Meetings?

The  core days of the 2024 Spring Meetings will be from April 17 to 19, with ancillary meetings taking place Monday, April 15 through Saturday, April 20.

What is the format of the Meetings? 

The 2024 Spring Meetings will take place in person. Fully accredited individuals will be able to attend meetings in person. Virtual audiences will be able to follow public events on IMF and World Bank digital platforms. 

How can I follow events virtually?

The Spring Meetings will be in person, and public events can be followed virtually. When the schedule is live on AMWeb, attendees will be able to click "View Event" to watch the event stream (where available). If prompted to log in after clicking "View Event," participants should enter the email address they used to register and the unique Registration ID – which are both provided in the Registration Confirmation letter.

Who can I contact if I am interested to be a future Speaker?

Please email your contact details along with a professional summary and your areas of expertise to and we will direct your inquiry to the appropriate Bank team.

Where can I find information about IMF events?

For information about IMF events, please visit the IMF website:

How can I watch the Program of Events/Public Program?

The schedule for the public program of events will be available on AMWeb when the schedule goes live. The public program of events will be streamed on World Bank Live

Will there be taped recordings available to watch past meetings?

The public program of events will be recorded and will be available for replay at Any recorded streams of by-invitation-only events will be available to Bank staff and registered attendees by clicking "View Event" on the schedule, but many will not be recorded.

Are we able to get Transcripts of the "by invitation events"?

Transcripts are not generally available for events. You may inquire with the event organizer.

My username or password is not working.

If you received a registration Confirmation from, make sure you are typing the registration ID/password in exactly as listed (note, if copying/pasting make sure there are no spaces at the end of the registration ID/password, and make sure your keyboard is not replacing any English characters). You can use the "password reveal" option by clicking on the eye icon to see what password you entered. Please make sure that you are using the email address you used to register for the Meetings.

If you received your registration confirmation within the past hour of trying to log in, there may be a slight delay with the system recognizing credentials and it’s advised that you try again in another hour.

If you have not received your registration confirmation letter, your registration has not yet been approved and you will not be able to login until you receive a registration confirmation letter.

Those still experiencing issues logging in should email

Do I need to register? How do I register? Where can I find registration instructions?

The public program of events for the Spring and Annual Meetings are streamed on World Bank Live ( and are available to all persons without registering. 

Registration is required to attend the meetings in person and to follow along with any by-invitation-only events that have a streaming option.

Registration guidance can be found on the Spring Meetings website, AMWeb

How long does registration confirmation take?

Confirmation time varies but can take approximately 2 to 3 weeks.

What is my Registration ID?

A Registration ID is a unique identifier that is provided to each registrant in the registration confirmation letter sent by The Registration ID along with the email address used to register are required to access any virtually accessible by-invitation-only events.

IMF attendees should refer to their registration confirmation email from the IMF.

If you did not receive a registration confirmation email, your registration request is still being processed and you will receive an email once your registration is confirmed.

Is there a fee to register? Is there a fee to watch specific events?


Do you have a list of all participants to the Meetings?

The Participant List can be found on, AMWeb, by clicking on the Networking tab. This list will be posted beginning in March and updated regularly

I need to contact a speaker or participant; how can I connect?

Please visit the Annual Meetings website, AMWeb, then navigate to Networking to find the Participants List, which is posted after registration opens.

How can media participate in any of the events?

Accredited journalists can submit a registration request when registration opens. Additionally, journalists can access the IMF’s Online Media Briefing Center and the World Bank’s Online Media Briefing Center. For further information on media access to the various press conferences and to receive broadcast materials, please contact the media relations teams at the IMF ( and World Bank Group ( The public program of events can be viewed on World Bank Live.

What time zone are the events in?

All events are listed as local time in Washington, D.C.

Why am I not appearing on the "Participant List" (either PDF version or within Meetings Login page)?

For Bank Staff: The Participant List shows those who have opted in when registering for the Meetings. The PDF Participant List will display only non-Bank staff who have opted in. If you would like to be shown on the Participant List in the Meetings Login page, please send an email to and we will update your account.

For other participants: The Participant List shows those who have opted in when registering for the Meetings. If you would like to be shown on the Participant List, your registration record will need to be updated. Please send an email to and we will update your account.

How do I send messages to other participants?

Once you have accessed the Meetings Login Page, you will see a tab called "Participants" and a tab called "Inbox" at the top of the page. "Inbox" will show any messages that you have received, and you can also send a message from this page. You can also go to the "Participants" tab and view the list of attendees who have opted in to be shown on this listing and click "Send Message" next to a name to send a message to that person.

How do I stop receiving messages from other participants? / How do I remove my name from the Participant list?

For Bank Staff: Please email with your request to be removed from the Participant List, which will also mean you will no longer have access to the messaging feature.

For other participants: To be removed from the Participant List and to be removed from the messaging function, your registration record will need to be updated. Please send an email to and we will update your account.